Fresh From The Garden

In the southern hemisphere it’s an exciting time of year for food production in the gardens.  As spring gives way to summer, the soils warm, new leaves & blossoms appear & everywhere we look, the earth is showing vibrant signs of life.


The production team has been busy mulching our berry areas, the orchard, preparing our vegetable growing areas, composting & making eco-sourced seaweed fertilizers. Our greenhouses are flourishing, full of lush green, red & purple foliage & floral colour.  We have also begun the seed sowing program for our contribution to the upcoming summer & autumn Aro Hā menu.  This season we will be providing our largest range yet of microgreens, herbs, vegetables, fruits & edible & medicinal flowers.


We are poised with enthusiasm & excitement, as our busiest growing time of the year evolves.

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