Aro Ha is an experiment in community building.  Many of our staff live on site.  As a microcosm of the greater community we are exploring the potential to live better, together.

Our team members are multifaceted, just like their job descriptions.  While we each specialize, we also participate in a wide variety of activities seasonally.  From farming, to teaching, to housekeeping; the variety makes life rich.

Our Ambassador program includes a select group of educators who actively evolve their fields and share their experience with Aro Hā.  They play a distinct role in growing our community. We support them in executing exceptional retreats, while they share their teachings, and provide guidance.  We are all family. Lastly our Alumni are part of our extended community.  After a retreat, they take with them the essence of Aro Hā, sharing what they’ve learned with their community.

How to experience Aro Ha: